Tables and Benches

Each table is designed as an exclusive and unique one-off build to your requirements in oak, sycamore, beech and elm. The timber is local timber which we mill ourselves and dry in a kiln. Tables can be built any size. We have a 20′ Scottish oak tree in stock and can offer tables custom built up to 20′ long.

8 x 3' Natural Edge Table

This is an 8′ x 3′ Natural edge table in solid oak with a smoked glass insert finished in a hard wearing 2 pack lacquer with matching benches. It is a unique and original piece of furniture and a joy to sit at where you will find your family and friends will be more relaxed and can enjoy the experience. This was our centrepiece at the recent Scottish Home Show. 

Cello Dining Table

This is our cello dining table built from local Scottish beech. This was the natural shape of the table and it has 2 glass inserts. The benches were built from the same tree and the whole set is completely original and unique

Natural Edge Table

This is the first natural edge table we built. It was built from local sycamore from the Black Isle. The sycamore was spalted which happens when the timber has been cut and left for a while. The top was built fro a single piece of timber

8' solid oak table

This is our latest table which is an 8′ solid oak table with a blue glass insert and matching benches with blue battle tartan in a river/loch theme.

Royal Stewart Table

This was an order from Thunder in the Glens in Aviemore. The customer requested that the benches would push under the table completely so we designed a leg which would allow this. The tartan is Royal Stewart and the wood is local Scottish oak.

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