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Farmhouse Furniture

Door Stripping

Strip Your Old Door Back To Life!

We are a local company based in Culbokie in the Black Isle just north of Inverness. We have been established here in the Highlands for over 30 years offering a fast professional door stripping service and pride ourselves in how clean we can strip doors. Price for door stripping depends on the number of doors and whether they are painted or varnished. Price is approximately £50 each for door stripping. We cover the Highlands and Inverness area including Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles, Skye and West Coast of Scotland. Please make sure you remove door handles prior to door stripping. 

Over the years old doors tend to be painted over with many layers of paint hiding the natural wood underneath them. We use a unique cold dipping process that ensures minimal damage regardless of the age, condition, or style during the door stripping process.

We Also Strip Other Furniture Too!

We can cater for most sizes of door stripping project; the process does not differ greatly between a single door or an entire building with doors.

The stripping process can be applied to other furniture items; we have also stripped a range of items in the past here, some examples – Fire Surrounds, Staircases, Banisters, Windows, Window Surrounds, Skirting Boards, Door Surrounds, Wooden Panelling, Steelwork, Painted Gates, Cast Bench Ends and many other items.

Feel free to enquire with us regarding an item or project you would like paint stripped from.